Simplify My Meds Program

What is Simplify My Meds?

Simplify My Meds is a free medication refill service that synchronizes (or coordinates) all your prescriptions so that they are filled on the same day each month. With Simplify My Meds, you don't have to worry about refilling or running out of important medications. Just one trip to the pharmacy each month allows you to manage your medication and reach your health goals. You can even coordinate refills for multiple family members so that they are filled on the same day - perfect if you are caring for a spouse or aging parent.

Why Should you Simplify Your Meds?

  • All prescriptions from your doctors in one location
  • Refills ready on the same day each month
  • Prescriptions refilled automatically without multiple calls to the pharmacy or doctor
  • Monthly review of drug-drug interactions and cost effectiveness by pharmacists
  • No more confusing pill boxes
  • No more counting and sorting pills
  • No more worrying about running out of medication
  • Avoid missed doses, accidental double doses, or lost/dropped pills
  • Better medication management
  • Avoid drug mishaps and save time and money

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